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I Hate Valentines Day

I never could get on board with the idea of Valentine's day. The fact that there is supposed to be one day that supersedes all days, where your significant other is supposed to prove their love to you. How gallant (Eye roll). Now don't get me wrong, I think love is beautiful. I love receiving gifts, jewelry, and a romantic dinner is always a plus. However, I am WAAAYYY too high maintenance for all of that to be reserved for one day. Also, February 14th is one of the busiest days of the year. I fail to see what is so romantic about waiting in line or being cramped into a restaurant with all of the other couples who didn't make a reservation 😂... Maybe you don't have that issue.

What if you don't have a significant other to celebrate with? Does that mean you aren't allowed to enjoy Valentine's day?

Here's my thought on it. If you feel like getting your loved one (or a friend. I love spoiling my friends) flowers, chocolate, a note that makes them feel loved, a romantic dinner for two, do it all year long. Do it just because you were thinking about them and wanted to see them smile.

Reserving your love to just the one day creates unrealistic expectations and causes a pressure to perform that I honestly think is antiquated.

Now, if you are reading this thinking, "But I love Valentine's day", "Gabrielle you are dead wrong". That's cool. We can agree to disagree and I respect the fact that you want to get treated special on this day. I just hope that you aren't only treated exceptionally well on February 14th. I hope you are in a relationship that makes you feel like it is Valentine's day, 365 days a year.

Sending you love and light ✨💕


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