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Is your Period a Pain? Read this.

Okay, we are about to get really personal but bear with me. I get my period once a month. SHOCKING, I know. And for any of you men out there reading this who are in relationships with a woman at menstruating age, I suggest you keep reading so that you can help make her life a little easier because it can really kick your butt.

I have been menstruating for 18 years and without fail, each year it has gotten worse. UNTIL, I did some research and discovered the healing properties of Fennel, Lemon Balm, Ginger, and Red Rasberry Leaf tea.

The week before my monthly cycle I make a large batch of this tea. I do this because the week of, I usually am in too much discomfort to do much of anything. I make enough so that I can drink it the whole week before and the whole week during my cycle. I also start to do belly exercises. I find that doing belly rolls, cat-cow, and hip circles, helps to massage my uterus and makes any lower back pain or cramping a lot less severe.

Now, these natural remedies do not get rid of all of the pain, but it has helped me completely stop using any pain killers during my cycle (Which if you know me, you know is a MIRACLE).

Some months are still worse than others, depending on my diet, how much I exercise, and my stress levels. However, I am CONVINCED that this magical tea and these belly rolls 😂 have made all the difference. Give it a try and let me know how it helps you.

Also please leave a comment below on how you manage your pain during your cycle.

I hope this blog resonates with you, and thanks for going on this journey with me.

As always, keep illuminating your light.

Your friend,

✨ Gabrielle

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