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The Period Space!

On Sunday, May 8th I have something special for you! I will be launching my very own podcast called The Period Space! Ladies get ready because this is going to be girl talk to the max. A place to hear from women of all ages, and discuss the truth of what it means to be of menstruating age. We will talk about Periods, Vulvas, hormones, hysterectomy, menopause, tips and tricks and so much more, as we go on the journey to remove the stigma, secrecy, and shame associated with women’s health. You will be able to find The Period Space wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

The Health Care Industry

The health care industry has failed women. They have gaslit, mislead, used, abused, and shamed our bodies as far back as 1845 (And probably further, let’s be honest). One example of this is the J Marion Sims experiments (The father of gynecology) which took place from 1845 -to 1849. These were experimental surgeries in the field of gynecology on enslaved black women without anesthesia because he believed them to not feel pain in the same way as white women. Now I say all of this, not to be crude, not to ensue outrage but to shed some light on what we are dealing with. The access to health care in this country is elites and often forget those whose income does not fall in the right bracket. I believe in the wellness of my country and as I have become more knowledgeable about women’s health, I know it is my responsibility to share it. If you have had the chance to read my previous blog post about my experience as a woman of menstruating age, you know that it has not been an easy journey for me. Once a month it feels like my body has betrayed me; causing me to bellow over in pain for days. This is the story of so many women.

The Remedy

As I continued to live with this monthly “Shame” this “plague”, this “red badge of courage”, I decided that this can not be the way it has to be, so I started asking questions of my doctor. I would express my symptoms and pain and I would be told that it was “normal” that I just needed to take pain medicine or get on birth control to help regulate it. I refused to accept these answers. I am not opposed to Western medicine, however, I will not put things in my body that I do not d-

-eem necessary. Taking a pill every month for the rest of my life to manage my cycle did not seem like a reasonable remedy to me.

I decided to seek out other forms of treatment. I saw an acupuncturist who helped me in more ways than I can count. One of my biggest lessons was that my cycle isn’t something that I should fight against and suppress. The more I fight, the worse the pain and flow will be. She taught me how to surrender and to listen to my body. From there I started looking into my diet and how my body was reacting to certain foods. So for 3 months, I cut out anything that caused inflammation (artificial sugar, gluten, legumes, etc). Now, all of this helped but I was still in a heavy amount of pain each month, so I kept searching. I came across this tea blend (The exact blend is in my previous blog about my period) that completely changed my life. Now, I still experience pain during my cycle but it is like night and day compared to what I used to feel.

I believe the biggest reason why is the fact that I stopped trying to fight something that my body was intended to do. I removed the shame, the guilt, the fear, the expectations, and the bandages that the health industry tries to feed us by the spoonful. I allowed myself to flow. I listened to my body and tried my best to give it what it needed. I have truly tapped into my divine feminine power.

Same Race Different Journey

Women and men are both capable beings, however, we do not run the same race. We are able to achieve the same outcome, but our methods MUST be different. Menstruating women go through 4 different stages each month. The follicular, ovulation, Luteal, and the menstrual phase. Within each phase, we perform differently. Some require more rest, while some allow you to be more focused. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t do things outside of these phases, however, you should be aware of what your body is going through so that you can help support it. While I’m sure there are great doctors out there who help their patients understand women’s health, mine did not. All of the pertinent information I have shared has not come from my health care provider but from other women and research I sought out on my own. This is why I have decided to help change the way this information is shared.

Becoming the Priority

I have created The Period Space because I see a real gap in women’s health. For so long I was longing for a safe space to share my experiences and also learn from others. So many illnesses that affect women often go undiagnosed by healthcare professionals because frankly, we have not been the priority. The Period Space will help you begin to learn what symptoms to look out for when things don’t feel right, How to prepare your daughter for her first cycle, what a healthy period looks like and so much more. We will be launching This SUNDAY, May 8th! I am so incredibly proud of this project and I can’t wait to share it with you.

As always, keep illuminating your light ✨

Your friend,

Gabrielle Elisabeth

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