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This is Me!

Hey, hey, hey! I am so thrilled to finally be starting this blog. It has truly been a long time coming. (In my Jay-Z voice) "Allow me to introduce myself", my name is Gabrielle Elisabeth and I am an artist, public speaker and an advocate for SELF-LOVE, a fitness enthusiast and a travel bug.

I've done some cool stuff in my 28 years on this earth, such as Broadway, acting in an Emmy award winning TV show, traveling to over 7 countries and sooooo much more. Don't worry, we will have plenty of time to get into all of that ;).

I'm starting this blog as an experiment/challenge for myself, inspired by @Shamelessmya. I am dedicated to shamelessly promoting myself for the next 365 days, because why not?

I am going to use this platform to talk about my career, my journey to self love, fitness, my natural hair journey, my faith, family, food, travel and so much more.

To join me on this journey please SUBSCRIBE and join my mailing list. There will be so many exciting things to come! TRUST ME!

Sending you all love and light!



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